How It Works

konaAI: How it Works

 konaAI is the leading, AI-driven solution for anti-corruption, risk, and compliance professionals.

The Next Step in AI Functionality

See how generative AI can guide your fraud detection and prevention dashboard review 


Data Management – Automated data management and validations

KonaAI is capable of API connectivity to safely and securely ingest numerous data sources including structured, semi-structured and unstructured. Connectors are available for all major ERP system and has in-built templates for those systems that may have been developed in-house. ERP systems include SAP (including Concur), Oracle (including iExpense), JD Edwards and Peoplesoft which covers over 90% of the ERP market. KonaAI automates your data validation and data mapping which can account for 25% – 50% of time and funds for typical analytics programs. There are no data size limitations.


Data Analytics – Prescriptive risk scoring powered by hundreds of tests and ML models

KonaAI incorporates the latest in statistics, AI, machine learning, predictive modeling and robotics to automate the identification, risk ranking and scoring of your data. Data being risk ranked and scored can include entities, vendors, transactions, employees, customers and more. Our risk scenarios cover almost every type of fraud, bribery, corruption, waste and abuse.


Business Insights – Risk insights and explorator dashboards for informed decisions

KonaAI provides executive level dashboard reporting to enable Internal Audit, Compliance and Legal to easily present complex analytics results in a simple presentation built for executives. Out of the box reporting allows you to show risks and trends across business units, geographies and entities enabling data driven decision making by senior level executives.


Workflow and case manager – Convert insights into actions

KonaAI comes with the only case manager developed for investigations in Internal Audit, Compliance and Legal. Case manager guides you through your investigation from identification through action. Create cases directly from the dashboards and visualizations, risk profiles, whistle blower allegations or have the AI scenario automatically create cases for you based on your highest risk scenarios. Case manager allows assignment to single investigators or multiple investigators for full collaboration. Full audit logging is available as a default setting.


Security – Security by Design

KonaAI is a security-first application and offers the latest application and data level security available in the market. KonaAI meets or exceeds security requirements of the largest corporations in the world. Data can be encrypted at rest and in transit.


Deployment – Client centric deployment options

KonaAI is a cloud-first application, however, multiple deployment options are available from our implementation team including cloud, on-premises and even desktop (desktop is primarily utilized by Internal Audit, Compliance and Legal to export analytics results, dashboards and case documents to take into the field during audits and investigations).