From Investigative Data Blending to Data Insights with Alteryx

Matthew Madden is the Senior Director of Solutions Marketing at Alteryx, and this week’s guest. With over 16 years of experience in sales and marketing, Matt possesses an in-depth understanding of the industry as a whole. He has been in the analytic space for 20 years. He joins Vince Walden to discuss insights about data blending and analytics.

Data is the key to getting the insights businesses need to drive their outcomes, Matt says. Alteryx revolutionizes businesses through the data science and analytics process by empowering members of the organization regardless of their skill set. Alteryx helps them to transform their data into something actionable, and provides the building blocks that enable them to go from one extreme of the analytic lifecycle to the next.

According to a study conducted with the Harvard Business Review, on average, analysts are using 3 to 5 different data sources to do their analysis. Alteryx gives users the ability to prepare and blend that data from those multiple sources within a drag-and-drop workflow environment. Being able to organize your data in one place reduces the risk of it being lost.


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