June 24-26, 35th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference

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KonaAI: More than the eye can see

Welcome to a new era of data-driven compliance! KonaAI is your go-to solution for achieving unmatched business transparency.


Data-driven Compliance Insights

Defensible Compliance Monitoring

Demonstrate the effectiveness of your corporate compliance management program objectively and repeatably with KonaAI. Leading global companies trust us for an easy-to-use, rapidly deployable, and cost-effective compliance technology solution that monitors 100% of your transaction activity, with easy-to-use navigation and risk-based reporting.

Centralized Monitoring for Massive Impact

Coordinate seamlessly with your IT teams to analyze hundreds of millions, even tens of billions, of third-party spend, employee T&E or sales activities. KonaAI provides a centralized and secure ecosystem for monitoring and risk-scoring, enhancing third party risk management.

Empowering Fact-Based Decisions

KonaAI’s scalable software platform empowers fact-based decisions that focus on risk areas crucial to regulators and your business leadership.

DOJ Compliance Checklist:

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Enhancing Internal Audits

In demonstrating the effectiveness of your internal control environment for fraud risk management, KonaAI excels with comprehensive testing procedures aligned with the ACFE/COSO Fraud Risk Management Guide. KonaAI screen shots are even featured in the Appendix as case examples.

Leaders' Choice for Audit Efficiency

Internal Audit leaders choose KonaAI for its easy-to-use, rapidly deployable, and cost-effective solution. Our platform aligns audit workplans with vendor, customer, distributor, and employee risk and performance activities.

Centralized Monitoring for Financial Insight

KonaAI’s centralized monitoring and transaction risk-scoring methodology enable the analysis of significant financial activities, handling sums from hundreds of millions to tens of billions in third-party spend or sales – sorted from highest to lowest risk for your audit testing on an objective, repeatable basis.

Streamlined Audits with Integrated Case Management

Our integrated case management empowers auditors to set up multiple cases to support your audit workplan. Flexible access controls facilitate pre-onsite data analytics, risk-scoring, and identification of potential risk areas, resulting in faster, cost-effective audits. As transactions or third-parties are tagged for risk indicators, that information is captured and saved for future audit intelligence in your machine learning model described below.

Proactive Risk Identification through Machine Learning

KonaAI’s machine learning capabilities learn from past audit experiences, proactively surfacing similar risk items. Imagine confidently reviewing only the top 25 or top 50 riskiest transactions from a dataset of 250,000 invoices, were the top risks were identified from previous learnings or investigations.

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Empowering Internal Investigations

“What e-Discovery software tools are for unstructured data such as e-mail & user documents, KonaAI is for structured, transactional & financial data. After all, you can’t pay a bribe with email. You pay it with money”.  -Vince Walden, CEO 

For over two decades, traditional in-house e-Discovery tools have sufficed for investigations and litigations. However, as complexities grow with multiple ERP systems, numerous data tables, and millions of transactions, the limitations become apparent. That’s where KonaAI steps in. 

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Streamlining Outside Counsel and Litigation Support

Legacy Data Challenges

For over two decades, e-Discovery tools have been essential, but when handling financial data complexities, reliance on tools like MS Excel or custom SQL databases is limiting, especially with larger datasets and complex scenarios involving multiple ERP systems, hundreds of data tables, and millions of transactions.

Your Comprehensive Solution

Meet KonaAI, the e-Discovery review platform for structured data. From automated extraction to technology-assisted review (TAR), KonaAI streamlines the procure-to-pay or order-to-cash business process, providing a robust solution for investigations and litigations that quickly finds hidden money or rogue behaviors.

Scalable Efficiency

KonaAI efficiently handles diverse datasets, navigating challenges from multiple ERP systems, various data tables, and millions of transactions. 

Future-Ready & Cost-Effective

Move beyond traditional SQL databases with KonaAI’s affordable alternative, aligning with contemporary e-Discovery demands and future-proofing your approach. 

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Challenges in Government Spending

Government organizations, like corporations, must have effective internal controls of third-party spend data. According to the Government Transparency Institute, some countries are seeing up to 20%, even 30% of public spend being wasted due to fraud and corruption.

KonaAI’s Solution

Enter KonaAI – offering a tailored government solution using proprietary algorithms and risk-scoring techniques. Our flexible model empowers federal or local government to monitor cash disbursements with their third-parties efficiently, whether for large capital construction projects, transportation initiatives, agriculture, social benefits or other use cases.

Key Benefits

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Find Hidden Money & Improve Working Capital

KonaAI is an ideal solution for finance & procurement professionals seeking opportunities to recover working capital, manage cash flow, and reduce costs.

Recover Working Capital

From unit-price comparisons in the purchase orders to contract compliance with key terms, KonaAI’s automated tests are designed to identify waste and inefficiencies in your 3rd party vendor and supply chain interactions.

Manage Cash Flow Effectively

KonaAI empowers finance professionals to manage cash flow more effectively by providing insights into potential areas of improvement and optimization.

Reduce Costs with Automated Tests

Explore KonaAI’s automated tests, encompassing various algorithms that target inefficiencies, allowing procurement professionals to streamline processes and reduce costs.

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Vendor 360°

  • Conflict of Interests
  • Corruption & kickbacks
  • Transaction anomalies
  • Segregation of duties
  • Circumvention of controls
  • Spend patterns
  • Sensitive keywords
  • Urgent payments
  • Sanctions & trade compliance
  • Duplicative or wasteful spending
  • OCR matching
  • And many more

Employee 360°

  • Conflict of Interests
  • Anti-corruption
  • Fraudulent expenses
  • Policy circumvention
  • Policy violation
  • Duplicative or wasteful spend
  • OCR matching
  • And many more

Customer 360°

  • Sales & free goods
  • Discounts & returns
  • Revenue recognition
  • Distributer analysis
  • Profitability / margin analysis
  • Pricing fixing & anti-trust
  • Sanctions & trade compliance
  • AML
  • Circumvention of controls
  • And many more