June 24-26, 35th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference

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How it Works

KonaAI is the leading, AI-driven solution for anti-corruption, risk and compliance professionals. Our easy-to-use software and flexible, secure deployment models drive fact-based decisions that focus on the risk areas that matter to the regulators and your business. 

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KonaAI: How it Works

KonaAI is the leading, AI-driven solution for
anti-corruption, risk, and compliance professionals.
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The Next Step in AI Functionality

See how generative AI can guide your fraud detection and prevention dashboard review. 

Your Data in konaAI

In konaAI, your financial, accounting, ERP data, 3rd party due diligence data, and internal/external sources are efficiently processed via a single unified data model. The system, packed with hundreds of proven anti-fraud/anti-corruption tests and algorithms, employs continuous monitoring and automated alerts to improve efficiencies and often stop an improper payment, before it gets paid. Users can also review and tag top transactions using konaAI’s risk scoring model and predictive algorithms, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and expectations. Subjective reviews through various dashboard interfaces facilitate effective triage, stop payment, and investigation processes, contributing to ongoing model training and machine learning enhancements.

Plug-and-play with SAP, Oracle, JDE, PeopleSoft and more

KonaAI was built from scratch with the end-user in mind. Created in 2019 and perfected in 2020, konaAI automates numerous tedious tasks required when loading data from complex financial accounting systems such as SAP and Oracle, among other enterprise resource planning platforms. This means that konaAI can have you up and running in your IT environment within a few weeks, as opposed to the traditional methods that can take months, where individual tests need to be mapped to each table and respective field.

Alternatively, if you prefer konaAI to host and manage the data for you as a service, we offer affordable monthly plans in our secure cloud environment.

Rapidly Deployable In Weeks

We can have you up and running in less than 30 days.

KonaAI is an AI-driven company that uses software to easily and intuitively deliver vetted and reliable predictive models that statistically measure risky payments via our Vendor 360 Module, risky sales via our Customer 360 Module and risky travel & entertainment expenses via our Employee 360 Module.

Security by Design

KonaAI is committed to protecting the integrity of your information assets. It’s why we built our platform to be a security-first application that offers the best of both worlds, combining cutting edge technology with industry leading security standards.