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AI Driven.
Proven Compliance Results.

KonaAI is the leading, AI-driven solution for anti-corruption, risk and compliance professionals. Our easy-to-use software and flexible, secure deployment models drive fact-based decisions that focus on the risk areas that matter to the regulators and your business.

Four Pillars of KonaAI

AI-Driven Proven Results

We use proven models tested in the field and validated with academia.

Easy-to-use, intuitive user interfaces

We believe in giving you the tools to provide unmatched transparency within your key business practices.

Flexible Deployment Models

We offer the ability to deploy on the cloud, on-client premises, software-as-a service model, or 
via channel partners

Focused on the risk issues that matter

We cover corruption, sanctions & trade compliance, anti-fraud, anti-trust and financial crimes.

Rapidly deployable in weeks

We can have you up and running in less than 30 days.

KonaAI is an AI-driven company that uses software to easily and intuitively deliver vetted and reliable predictive models that statistically measure risky payments via our Vendor 360 Module, risky sales via our Customer 360 Module and risky travel & entertainment expenses via our Employee 360 Module.


KonaAI is committed to protecting the integrity of your information assets. It’s why we built our platform to be a security-first application that offers the best of both worlds, combining cutting edge technology with industry leading security standards.

Integrated data protection and data privacy.

Segregated client environments.

Secure cloud deployment.

End-to-end encryption

User-defined access controls & privileged environments


Awards & Recognition


CFE of the year 2022


Digital Innovation Award 2022
Financial Times


2022 Anti-Corruption TechSprint
sponsored by the U.S. Treasury & U.S. State Department


AI / ML Innovation of the year 2022
Internet Marketing Association

No crystal ball.
just konaai predictive modeling.

Learn how KonaAI can give you unmatched transparency within your key business processes to reduce risk and measurably demonstrate compliance and internal audit effectiveness