June 24-26, 35th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference

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Compliance Monitoring

Continuously monitor your company’s compliance program in line with regulatory requirements, internal policies and specific industry standards with our compliance monitoring software.

Data-driven Compliance Insights

Defensible Compliance Monitoring Software

Demonstrate the effectiveness of your corporate compliance management program objectively and repeatably with konaAI’s compliance monitoring software. Leading global companies trust us for an easy-to-use, rapidly deployable, and cost-effective compliance technology solution that monitors 100% of your transaction activity, with easy-to-use navigation and risk-based reporting.

Centralized Compliance Monitoring Software for Massive Impact

Coordinate seamlessly with your IT teams to analyze hundreds of millions, and even tens of billions, of third-party spend, employee T&E or sales activities. konaAI provides a centralized and secure ecosystem for monitoring and risk-scoring, enhancing third party risk management through our compliance monitoring software

Empowering Fact-Based Decisions

KonaAI’s scalable software platform empowers fact-based decisions that focus on risk areas crucial to regulators and your business leadership.

DOJ Compliance Checklist:

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Vendor 360°

AI analysis on every vendor. Vendor 360° empowers you to continuously monitor vendor activity, detect anomalies proactively, and launch swift investigations and audits when needed.

  • Conflict of Interest
  • Corruption and kickbacks
  • Transaction anomalies
  • Segregation of duties
  • Circumvention of controls
  • Spend patterns
  • Sensitive keywords
  • Urgent payments
  • Sanctions and trade compliance
  • Duplicative or wasteful spending
  • OCR matching
  • And many more

Employee 360°

Stay ahead of potential issues, within your own walls. Employee 360's proactive monitoring allows you to continuously monitor employee activity for potential risks and investigate suspicious and questionable behaviour quickly.

  • Conflict of Interest
  • Anti-corruption
  • Fraudulent expenses
  • Policy circumvention
  • Policy violation
  • Duplicative or wasteful spend
  • OCR matching
  • And many more

Customer 360°

Secure every step of the customer lifecycle. Customer 360 streamlines onboarding risk detection, facilitates ongoing due diligence and monitors customer transactions and interactions proactively.

  • Sales and free goods
  • Discounts and returns
  • Revenue recognition
  • Distributer analysis
  • Profitability / margin analysis
  • Pricing fixing and anti-trust
  • Sanctions and trade compliance
  • AML
  • Circumvention of controls
  • And many more