June 24-26, 35th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference

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Internal Audit Solutions

Streamline audits with user-friendly internal audit software and proactive risk identification through machine learning.

Internal Audit Transformation

KonaAI solutions is aligned with ACFE/COSO Fraud Risk Management framework. It provides accurate and meaningful insight into high-risk business areas to develop risk-based audit plans.

Audit Leaders' Preferred Solution

KonaAI’s internal audit software is choosen  for its user-friendly, quick deployment, and cost-effectiveness, konaAI aligns audit workplans with various enterprise risks and performance activities.

Internal Audit Solutions

Financial Monitoring Made Simple

KonaAI’s centralized monitoring and risk-scoring method handle large financial activities objectively, facilitating efficient audit testing, handling sums from hundreds of millions to tens of billions in third-party spend or sales—sorted from highest to lowest risk for your audit testing on an objective, repeatable basis.

Integrated Case Management for Streamlined Audits

Our internal audit software empowers auditors to set up multiple cases, facilitating pre-onsite data analytics and faster, cost-effective audits.

Proactive Risk Identification with Machine Learning

KonaAI’s machine learning proactively surfaces risk items based on past audit experiences, allowing for the efficient review of the top 25 or top 50 riskiest transactions from a dataset of 250,000 invoices. Additionally, as transactions or third-parties are tagged for risk indicators, that information is captured and saved for future audit intelligence in your machine learning model.

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Monitor Multiple Risk Areas

Procure to

Order to


Travel, Expenses & Entertainment

Hire to






Research and Development


Vendor 360°

  • Conflict of Interests
  • Corruption & kickbacks
  • Transaction anomalies
  • Segregation of duties
  • Circumvention of controls
  • Spend patterns
  • Sensitive keywords
  • Urgent payments
  • Sanctions & trade compliance
  • Duplicative or wasteful spending
  • OCR matching
  • And many more

Employee 360°

  • Conflict of Interests
  • Anti-corruption
  • Fraudulent expenses
  • Policy circumvention
  • Policy violation
  • Duplicative or wasteful spend
  • OCR matching
  • And many more

Customer 360°

  • Sales & free goods
  • Discounts & returns
  • Revenue recognition
  • Distributer analysis
  • Profitability / margin analysis
  • Pricing fixing & anti-trust
  • Sanctions & trade compliance
  • AML
  • Circumvention of controls
  • And many more