Anti-Corruption Analytics Best Practices and Trends for 2021, with Jennifer Saperstein from Covington

Jennifer Saperstein is an Anti-Corruption and White Collar Partner and the Vice Chair of the Anti-Corruption Practice Group at Covington and Burling LLP. She joins Vince Walden to discuss why companies need to be smart about resourcing, compliance technology trends, and the compliance industry post-COVID.


Having a risk-based documented plan for effective compliance programs before consulting any external advisory service is beneficial for companies. Being able to demonstrate where they have focused their limited resources is always helpful. It is now even more important for companies to make smart, risk-based decisions about where to spend their time due to the current pandemic.


A recent survey of over 30 companies revealed that in the last 10 years, there has been a significant transformation in compliance technology trends. Almost 70% of respondents say they use technology for third-party due diligence and 100% saying they use an LMS system to train employees. However, many companies still rely on manual processes for certain parts of their compliance programs.



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