Data-Driven Assurance with Johnson & Johnson’s Chian Boen

Chian Boen is Senior Manager with Johnson & Johnson’s Global Audit & Assurance Group. He is experienced in government and AML investigations, law enforcement, and forensic accounting. He joins Vince Walden to discuss Johnson & Johnson’s strategy for data-driven assurance.


Two of the things Chian relies the most on to help him conduct anti-corruption audits and investigations are his team and heavy analytics. If you’re not using certain analytics tools, such as Tableau data visualization, you’re not leveraging as much as you can in terms of investigations. As for investigations, while it is always great to have face-to-face conversations, software like Zoom and Microsoft make things more flexible, as you can use resources on-screen to help you identify body language tells.


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated innovation and technology, Vince says. People were forced to adapt and improve in such a short time that everything progressed at a much faster pace than it would have otherwise.