Data Driven Compliance with AB InBev’s Dheeraj Thimmaiah, Global Director of Ethics and Compliance

Dheeraj Thimmaiah is Global Director of Ethics and Compliance, heading Compliance Analytics at AB InBev. He is data-driven and passionate about innovation. Dheeraj is dedicated to spending close time with AB InBev’s users and customers because even if you have the best tools, your organization will not get far without an audience. He joins Vince Walden to share insights about his role and work at AB InBev.

BrewRIGHT is AB InBev’s advanced data analytics program, which has 15 different apps and compliance workflows in 60 different countries. BrewRIGHT continuously monitors compliance (which has been especially useful during the pandemic), assists in managing investigations, and allocates resources effectively.

Dheeraj shares tips on how to get started on the analytics journey for compliance: ask yourself how you can control the uncertainties, identify the problems, and find a way to use technology as an enabler in building impact.


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