Digital Dumpster Diving: Four Key Innovations to Enhancing Your Digital Background Checks or Asset Searches with Ernest Brod

Ernest Brod is Managing Director with Disputes and Investigations services and head of the Global Investigations and Intelligence practice at Alvarez & Marsal. For 30 years, Ernest has worked with top law firms, corporations, and financial institutions to reduce clients’ risk of fraud, corruption, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act issues, and anti-money laundering and terrorism concerns. He joins Vince Walden to discuss new technologies that are redefining how due diligence is done.


The traditional practices of third-party due diligence involve public record searches supplemented by dumpster diving and surveillance. However, advancements in technology have allowed Alvarez and Marsal to do deeper, more advanced and efficient due diligence. Alvarez and Marsal provide intelligence services such as web, bank, contact, and location intelligence which have incredibly dynamic applications and reduce the risk of fraud and corruption.


Some of the providers of these types of intelligence are shady and often push the envelope where legality is concerned. Acquiring these services through recognized firms like Alvarez & Marsal is the safest way to conduct the advanced due diligence that they provide as their practices are filtered through ethical concerns.



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