Focus on Brazil: An Interview with Sergio Moro, Former Minister of Justice of Brazil

In this episode, Vince Walden goes one-on-one with Sergio Moro, former Minister of Justice of Brazil and Managing Director of Disputes & Investigations at Alvarez & Marsal. With over two decades of legal and investigative experience, Sergio specializes in leading high-profile and complex anti-corruption, white-collar crime, money laundering, and organized crime investigations. They talk about his fascinating career journey from a federal judge to Minister of Justice, as well as some of the landmark cases he presided over, such as Operation Car Wash, which greatly impacted the corporate culture of Brazil. This was not the case only five or six years ago.


The normal behavior of corporate culture in the past was to deny everything and refuse to cooperate whenever issues arose, but various operations led by Sergio caused Brazilian companies to drastically change the way they did compliance. Many compliance systems were previously used by third parties to channel bribes to public officials. It’s not enough just to have policies and procedures written down; they must be implemented and operationalized.



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