Global Compliance Trends with Sam Eastwood of Mayer Brown

Sam Eastwood is a litigation partner at Mayer Brown’s Litigation Practice in London and a member of the firm’s White Collar Defense & Compliance practice. He joins Vince Walden on this week’s episode to discuss the risks and trends related to global compliance and data analytics.


Sam expresses that companies need to disclose more about their compliance programs operations. Transparency into the data analytics itself is a good way to conduct audits, he adds. Data protection and the way data is collected, processed, and transferred is getting more challenging. As such, Sam stresses that the fraud detection process is in need of an upgrade.


Corruption is a human rights issue. It is important for clients within the compliance field to have an effective human rights compliance program. As things progress, Sam states that human rights due diligence laws are soon to be passed. When these laws are eventually introduced, companies will be expected to conduct human rights due diligence on the impact of their business activities. Monitoring legislative developments and carrying out human rights assessments are two of the ways Sam says that companies can do this.



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