How Artificial Intelligence Libraries are Accelerating Investigation and eDiscovery Programs with Jay Leib

Jay Leib is Executive Vice President of Innovation and Strategy at Reveal, an eDiscovery review company. Jay was previously the Chief Strategy Officer at kCura before he founded NexLP, a pioneering AI company in Chicago that was acquired by Reveal. He joins Vince Walden to talk about the work Reveal has been doing, and investigation and eDiscover programs.

By the year 2010, data had become much larger than human beings could get through in an efficient manner. It was for this reason that Reveal was founded, as well as to perform as an alternative to Relativity. Reveal’s mission is to help end users, law firms, in-house corporations, investigators and international consultancies “get through whatever their obligation is, as far as data goes, as fast as possible, while finding the key insights and key stories as fast as possible.”

After acquiring a company called Brain Space, Reveal created what they call an ‘AI model library.’ Their data science team has built AI models to target specific issues within data to get important documents into the hands of investigators as quickly as possible. AI models have also been built to look for issues surrounding unethical and fraudulent behaviors.


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