A Viable Anti-Corruption Solution with Leslie Benton

Leslie Benton is the Vice President of Ethisphere Institute. She chats with Vince Walden about how her company helps businesses with anti-corruption, assessments and benchmarking. Leslie shares her background in the field of anti-corruption, and how she became Vice President of Ethisphere. She mentions that she has gained perspectives from both the private sector and NGOs.

Ethisphere has created a methodology platform for companies to internally assess their programs, which they can take to score the maturity of their programs in various areas such as corruption and cyber security. Ethisphere encourages companies to take a deep dive into their own programs with the platform’s assessment tools, which allow them to address and identify areas of high and low performance. The maturity scoring provides metrics that can be tracked over time as they improve, and are used as benchmark data. The platform also has other tools and resources that help companies ensure their programs are in a cycle of continual improvement. Leslie advises companies to regularly monitor their third parties, as their involvement brings numerous risks.


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