Insights Without Exposure with Ishaan Nerurkar

Ishaan Nerurkar is the Founder and CEO of LeapYear Technologies. He chats with Vince Walden about his company, in particular, the technology that they have developed. Ishaan gives his background in the fields of data and research, and how it birthed LeapYear. He noticed that every heavily regulated industry had challenges with regards to sharing and using sensitive data, and that while there were solutions, they were unable to prevent the data from being compromised. His company, LeapYear, has created technology to answer the next-generation problem of how to make sensitive data available without exposing the raw data itself, what Ishaan calls “differential privacy.” He describes differential privacy as a lens with a gradient of transparency to opacity as isolation of data increases.

Vince asks what separates LeapYear’s technology from open source tools. Ishaan shares the key difference between their technology and open source libraries: open source libraries are designed primarily for research purposes, so they provide tools to obtain that research. They do not provide protection. LeapYear’s technology, on the other hand, is a layer on top of your data whose purpose is to ensure that insights can be obtained without exposing the raw data underneath. LeapYear Technologies’ other purpose is to educate the community on how they can protect their data.


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