Is a Master’s Degree In Compliance On Your Radar? – with Bob Mascola

Bob Mascola is a global legal and compliance executive and educator. He is Senior Director of the Program on Corporate Ethics and Compliance at Fordham University School of Law, as well as Senior Counsel at Compliance Systems Legal Group. He joins Vince Walden to discuss compliance from an academic perspective.

Fordham University’s program on Corporate Ethics and Compliance is a 30 credit Master’s degree program full of students from different professional backgrounds. Most of the students are working professionals, so they bring real-life experience and insights to enrich classroom discussions. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of each student, regardless of how diverse their specialties are.

The program is helpful in equipping students to add value to the organizations that they’re with. In addition to acquiring knowledge about different regulatory frameworks, it teaches skills like legal research, risk assessment, technology training, communications memo writing, and how to conduct investigations.

Being familiar enough with data to work with it is essential for future success in compliance. The DOJ and other enforcement authorities are raising their expectations of companies regarding the use of data analytics. If you want to show that you are leading industry expectations, you’ve got to be the best in data analytics.


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