Leadership and Communication in a Crisis with Jerry Dent

Jerry Dent is the Practice Leader and Managing Director at Alvarez and Marsal. He joins host Vince Walden to talk about leadership and team communication during times of crisis. One positive thing that arose from the outbreak was that the US and Europe recognized they had a narrow window of preparation from studying the situation in China. Alvarez and Marsal were able to prepare to have an infrastructure that supported a remote environment. He gives examples of what his company is doing to maintain connectivity and productivity across all professional levels, and keep their employees engaged.

The challenge for those in legal and compliance would be the pivot from face-to-face meetings or sessions such as site inspections, interviews, and court appearances. Jerry has faith that quick adaptation will occur. Four risks that are critical due the switch to a remote environment are: cyber predators, social media and employee conduct, data protection and privacy, and employee engagement and connectivity.

Jerry stresses that we have all been dealt the same hand, businesses included, so no one business has any huge advantage over another. During a crisis, it comes down to a company’s culture and communication to keep it afloat.


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