Reinventing Compliance & Anti-Corruption Training with Peter Grossman

Peter Grossman is the co-founder and Chief Strategist of Labyrinth Training, a leading compliance, innovation, and training company that is redefining how compliance and code of conduct training is delivered to employees. They are dedicated to training employees through captivating storytelling. Labyrinth uses award-winning interactive design to bring their clients’ policies to life, which engages the audience and imparts knowledge when they are paying full attention. He joins Vince Walden to discuss the impact storytelling has as a teaching method, and the importance of abandoning the right-wrong answer narrative.


Labyrinth makes each training video specific to each client’s needs and circumstances. Custom-made content has a higher chance of reaching the audience and capturing their attention, as well as ensuring that the delivered training is being retained. A Stanford study showed that creating mini-narratives to memorize something works much better than rote learning.


Labyrinth has made videos about data privacy, compliance, anti-harassment, and even human rights training like debt bondage. There is no magic path your employees can walk through where they won’t encounter threats of corruption, says Peter. If you’re trying to teach a lesson where there’s a good path and a bad path, you’re teaching the wrong lesson.



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