Relativity’s Expansion from eDiscovery and Investigations to Compliance Monitoring with Jordan Domash

Jordan Domash is the General Manager of Relativity’s Trace product, and this week’s guest. For 6 years, he has worked with Relativity in the fields of product and marketing, communications, and tactical projects. He helped build the early versions of Trace and grew it to where it is now. He joins Vince Walden to discuss how Trace works.


Communications are an important medium that add context to structured data, as high-risk behaviors like collusion usually occur over communication vehicles. Trace is a compliance monitoring platform that proactively surveys all communications in near-real time and allows compliance officers to configure rules that alert them of suspicious content. It monitors investment management compliance, trade, and looks out for bribery and corruption. Trace enables organizations to detect high-risk behaviors by normalizing a wide range of data and file types into a large database and quickly sifting through it with AI empowered by human reviewers.


Trace has automated integrations with over 40 different data sources and carries out a set of small batch processes incrementally throughout the day. Additionally, it supplies tools to manage data volumes so users can focus only on what’s relevant to them. Rather than for general monitoring, Trace is built for identifying a specific set of configured risks.



Jordan Domash on LinkedIn | Trace