The Center for Audit Quality – How They Team with Compliance

Margot Cella is a research and public policy analyst, and Vice President of Research and Anti-Fraud Initiatives at the Center for Audit Quality (CAQ). The CAQ is dedicated to enhancing investor confidence and public trust in the global capital markets. Margot shares how the CAQ is intersecting the accounting and legal compliance professions to improve corporate culture and financial reporting.

The CAQ was founded post-Sarbanes-Oxley era by the largest accounting firms, who thought it was necessary to have an organization to serve as the voice of the profession. As a non-partisan, public policy organization, the CAQ frequently works with the PCAOB and the SEC. A notable initiative they carry out is convening capital market stakeholders to advance the discussions of critical issues affecting either audit quality or public company reporting. [4:08]

One thing that should be recognized is that professionals in finance are skilled with data, processes and controls. They are always innovating ways to build systems that detect or monitor enterprise and fraud risks, and raise a red flag when something goes beyond what should be a normal transaction or activity. Compliance professionals should be part of these conversations, as their work is impacted by these systems.


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