The Three Horizons of Compliance Innovation with Microsoft’s Alan Gibson

Alan Gibson is Director of Legal and Compliance Innovation at Microsoft, where he identifies and incubates market-making opportunities for legal and compliance solutions. With over 20 years of cumulative experience in law, business and compliance, he currently serves as a change agent to revolutionize the way companies measure program effectiveness and manage compliance risks. He joins Vince Walden to define the three horizons of compliance innovation, and what they entail.


Alan’s mission is to find new ways that technology can help transform both the business and practice of law and compliance. He spends his time discussing the art of what’s possible with customers and at Microsoft to incentivize foundational technology investments and frame those sorts of conversations.


The first horizon of compliance innovation involves solving immediate, important issues, building foundational capabilities, and managing discreet risks within your department. The second involves thinking about the midterm objectives of your overall digital transformation strategies, creating multi-point solutions, and taking advantage of the ability to combine. Finally, the third horizon involves looking at the long-term innovative solutions that can cause disruption and using them as the North Star for the first two horizons.



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