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Using Technology-Assisted Review to Uncover Suspicious Transactions

Using Technology-Assisted Review to Uncover Suspicious Transactions - fraud prevention software

Technology-assisted review (TAR) has been used for nearly two decades in e-discovery matters to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and speed...

Building An AI-Focused Anti-Fraud Company

anti fraud software

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how businesses run — especially in anti-fraud and compliance. Here we describe how to build...

The Seven Wonders of Fraud Detection Analytics

Cover-Fraud-Mag - Kona AI - internal audit data analytics

Fraud is constantly evolving. So too should our technologies for detecting and preventing it. Inspired by the Seven Wonders of...

Does Your Fraud Risk Management Program Actually Work, in Practice?

Kona AI - forensic data analytics software

Global anti-fraud and compliance enforcement is on the rise, and regulators want proof that fraud risk management programs are effective....

Fraud Risk In A Cryptocurrency World

anti fraud software for banks

Businesses and consumers across the globe are quickly adopting cryptocurrencies in daily transactions. And many organizations are scrambling to catch...

Keeping With The Times: Preparing for the updated Fraud Risk Management Guide

Cover-Fraud-Mag - Kona AI - anti fraud solutions

The Fraud Risk Management Guide has provided valuable guidance to fraud examiners, company leaders and other professionals since it was...